7 World’s Most Dangerous Hikes!

The word “Adventure” is itself contains hikes. We start having goosebumps the moment we talk about adventures and get excited at the same time. Yes! I like adventures, even you also like adventures but some places are beyond our imagination, means they are highly dangerous other than being adventurous.

While offering incredible rewards and outstanding beauty, these hikes come with plenty of risks. Culture Trip picks some of the most menacing.

Drakensberg Traverse, South Africa

Known as the ‘Dragon Mountains’ by Afrikaners and as the ‘Barrier of Spears’ in Zulu, the Drakensberg Traverse is 300km (186 miles) of the trail, near Kilimanjaro. The most dangerous part of this hike is at the start, where two somewhat questionable chain ladders that lead to the ridge provide some stability on the cliff. It’s quite a drop, but if the wind picks up it takes on a whole new aspect of danger.



The Maze, Canyonlands, Utah

Incredibly difficult to get to, and ludicrously difficult to navigate once you’re there, the Maze is part of the Canyonlands National Park. The confusing gullies, dead ends and sheer remoteness ensure that this place lives up to its name. As a result, there are local rangers who make sure hikers plan well and are able to communicate.

Cascade Saddle, New Zealand

Amid truly spectacular scenery, between the West Matukituki and Dart valleys, this hike includes a huge amount of slippery, unstable ground underfoot, hence the added risk. To walk the length of the crossing takes the best part of four days, but there are shorter trails to do. Be warned: this hike has taken lives, enough for a local coroner to state that there have been ‘far too many deaths’.

Kalalau, Hawaii

This coastline trail is over 32km (20 miles), straddling Hawaiian volcanoes and taking hikers into the dense jungle, but the reward is one of the most beautiful beaches possible. Water is the biggest danger, with the jungle trail full of slippery waterfalls and rough waterways to cross that have caused deaths in the past. The moment when it starts raining then everything becomes even more deceitful.

Via Ferrata, Italy, and Austria

Although still very difficult, this hike, part of the Dolomites mountain range, is far easier than when soldiers crossed it during the Second World War. There are plenty of walkways and bridges, as well as ropes and cables to use while on the sheer cliff faces, but they require a particular carabiner – not something hikers are normally used to.




Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala

The first thing to know: this is an active volcano whose eruptions have caused deaths as recently as 2010. The 2,552m (8,373ft) high volcano has now been closed to the public, but that hasn’t put people off sneaking through and hiking up it. Even aside from the eruptions, hikers have fallen inside and died because of the soft rock crumbling away, which – even more incredibly – still hasn’t deterred hikers.






Huashan, China

For some – in fact, quite a few – this is considered the most dangerous hike in the world. Located on a totally sheer cliff face, the actual walk wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the rickety wooden floorboards latched onto the side. Not officially but according to rumors around 100 people die every year on Huashan.



What’s your hike? Share your reviews.

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7 World’s Most Dangerous Hikes!

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