9 Ways To Embrace Feminism !!

What exactly is feminism? Most people often confuse the meaning of this overly used word, and may even end up believing that being a labeled feminist is something that simply must be avoided. Sure there are many girls you probably know who have earned the ‘feminist’ status with their outspoken and unperturbed nature, but the truth is; a feminist is a person who seeks equal rights for both women and men, and not someone who believes that women deserve more.

So how would you embrace your inner feminist and fight against stereotypes, after all, we’re not all celebrities with a large amount of public influence, right?

The answer is simple, there’s more down to earth and simple ways to shun the gender stereotypes that we women have been facing all our lives, and the easiest to do might make a greater change if everyone decides to implement them.

1. Wear whatever you like

You’ve probably heard this time and again from god knows how many people but it’s time that you adopted it as well! We’ve all seen guys walking around in malls in their track pants and at parties in polos then why don’t we also decide to evade all appearances and chose to wear what we’re really comfortable in?

2. Don’t be afraid to go sans makeup

Sure, it adds that beautiful touch to your entire ensemble but why let your perfectly lined eyes define the natural beauty that lies within you? After all, guys go around with not even a cleanly washed face. So next time you’re about to party, keep the makeup minimal and let your natural beauty work its charms.

3. Man up and make decisions

Whether you’re a daughter, a sister, a wife or a friend, the only way you can truly put all the gender stereotypes in our world to a rest is when you start making decisions for yourself. Completely unique decisions will help you to not only be happy in your own life but also to inspire others as well!

4. Get your ass on that leather seat

Woman sitting in car

Whoever says that women can’t drive certainly hasn’t met you! It’s generally believed that women are too unskilled or ‘weak’ to ride a bike, but you don’t need to let those rules define you. Get your ass on that seat and learn how to take over a skill that many men pride as their own. After all, why should boys have all the fun?

5. Get your hands dirty and productive!

Who do we call when we need something fixed or a few things screwed here and there? Definitely your brother, or some other guy that knows how to get his hands dirty to get the work done. So don’t let those gender stereotypes about being clean and steering clear of anything messy get in your way!

6. Take him out on a date

Till date, no one really knows who set the general convention for dating and why it’s always the guy who has to make the first move. But let it slip aside and let the feminist within you rise by taking him out on a date rather than the other way around! Trust me, it’ll be fun, and women can definitely be more chivalrous than any man!

7. Raise your voice and let yourself be heard

The primary reason why our society is dominated by men is that people listen to them. But, remember, having a softer voice doesn’t mean that you can’t have a stronger one. So say what you want to say, and do what you want to do. Whether it’s about trivial things or serious issues, be heard as a woman and you will work wonders!

8. Don’t be afraid to fight

What men often presume is that a woman would never turn to violence, but why would a woman need to if she knows the easier way to fight? Fight for your rights and bypass all the stereotypes that say that acceptance comes to women like a second thought.

9. Learn to love life, without a love life

Being single doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, right? Don’t let the thought that being with someone is an integral part of your life bring you down, no matter what the Indian stereotypes claim!

Every 20s Girl Should Know This Things!

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9 Ways To Embrace Feminism !!

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