Every 20s Girl Should Know This Things!

Being a girl is definitely not an easy task, especially when you’re in your 20s exactly in that awkward phase when you are a young adult and most of the times you have no idea about what you’re doing. This is the period when you’ll find that most things and relationships tend to change and you come face to face with the harsh truths of reality.


Teenagehood, breakups, friendships, family goals, everything come in between and the things get complicated. Sometimes situation insists us to choose our relationships and sometimes solutions back foot knocking at the doors.


But don’t lose heart, though the path may be tough, you’ll certainly get through. But as you make your journey, here are some of the things you should keep in mind and know in your heart: Scroll down to and get rid of 20s complications.


1.Remember Breakup is not the end of the World

It may be heartbreaking at the time, and you might believe that no one else understands how you feel. But trust me, it’s true when people say that time heals all wounds and soon enough, this one will fade as well.

2. When it’s time to cut off friends

Sometimes, you just grow out of friends with time as you change and get mature and even if you try to stay in touch then somehow they might hold you down whether inadvertently or unintentionally. So when a friend adds more negative to your life than positive, then it’s time to sever ties.

3. When it’s time to let things go with a guy

You might think that fighting and nagging are normal in a relationship, but what you need to know is that if you and your man were truly meant to be. So if you’ve started to get the feeling that he’s holding you back, or he makes you frown more than laugh, then it’s time to move on. When the time is right, you’ll definitely find someone who will truly make you happy!

4. How to accept yourself the way you are

It doesn’t matter whether your singing voice is too hoarse or you’ve got a few extra curves than the ideal woman. All you need to know that you are unique, you are beautiful, and you are amazing. So, learn to love yourself for who you are, and learn to make the world love you for being yourself.

5. How to take a compliment with grace

Taking compliments is easy for some yet akin to moving mountains for others. What you need to understand is, a compliment is always a voice of honesty, even if you don’t believe it. So if you get one then learn to appreciate it, a small smile, a nod or a ‘thank you’ is all you need to do!

6. How to cook at least one delectable dish

Whether you’re a chef in the making or someone who is yet to master the art of boiling water, making at least one savory dish should be amongst your list of abilities. You never know when it may happen to come in handy!

7. If you’re waiting for a guy to change, then stop waiting; he won’t.

Despite what books and movies (and even some guys) have made you believe, if there’s something about him that you don’t like, and if you expect him to change, then you have two simple options. You can either pack your bags and go or just give up the hope that any change will come because change is nowhere around the corner. And remember, if you don’t love him the way he is then it does not love.

8. It’s always better to use protection

This is probably something that you know, but saying it again is never enough. Always, ALWAYS use protection; you don’t want your life to end up topsy turvy in case something goes wrong in the heat of the moment.

9. How to ask for or tell people what you need

This one is something that girls are stereotyped too often avoid, and for good reason! It’s important to let people know exactly what you mean without leaving your words or thoughts open to interpretation. If they care for you, then your desires will certainly be heeded!

10. Stop worrying about the future!

A little bit of future planning here and there is always helpful but fretting over the future will leave you with a permanent frown on your face and dampen the spring in your step. Learn to be happy for what you have and live in the present moment. And always remember to smile.

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Every 20s Girl Should Know This Things!

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