Make Your BFF’s Bachelorette EPIC With These Fun Games!

Nothing amazing more than that your Bestie is getting married. Yes, my bestie who is getting married and it’s definitely the best to time to take all revenge and make her feel very very very special at the same time.  I have some amazing plans to make the perfect bachelorette party for her. Because I want to give her unforgettable memories. To make the night, even more, fun & memorable obviously for you and your bestie, me and my naughty brain lined up below some fun and naughty games that all every girl gang can play and experience the best bachelorette party ever!


Before you start scrolling just gather your girl gang together and hold your breath because the fun is just about to start. Ready! So go ahead and choose your fun game.


  1. Ice feet

Have a bucket filled with ice cold water or with ice cubes and drop some big rings and other props inside. Now, every girl has to step inside the bucket and pull out the rings using her feet as quickly as possible. Just hope may the bride wins and handles ‘cold feet’ in the best way.


  1. A quiz about the groom

This quiz is about to test how well the bride knows her future husband. Make a list of questions and send it to the groom to answer. Ask loud all the questions to your bestie and let her answer the questions and the with the correct answers. If her answers are correct, all your girls down a shot, and if her answers are wrong, then she needs to gulp down a shot.


  1. Goodbye Kiss Canvas

Ask your girl gang to kiss the canvas one by one leaving their lipstick marks. Now, ask your bestie to guess the lipstick marks. Ask every girl to sign under their lipstick marks once the guessing round is over. This fun game also leaves the bride with a memorable memento to keep with herself forever.


  1. Pop the cherry

Don’t worry, we don’t literally mean that some cherries need to be popped here! This is just a simple game in which some cherries are filled in wide cocktail glasses. Fill the remaining part of the glass with whipped cream. Now ask all the girls to find the cherry without using their hands and only using their face. The one who finds the maximum cherries is the winner.


  1. Never have I ever

All time amazing and favorite,  popular ‘never have I ever’ game but the only difference in it is that the more scandalous the game, the better it is. For instance, if there is only one person who takes a drink of a particular question, she needs to reveal all the details too. For example, the one who gulps down a drink for a question like, ‘never have I ever had sex in a plane’ has to then tell the whole story of how it happened! This definitely calls for some interesting storytelling at the bachelorette!


  1. Locked lips

Decide some taboo words or terms for the party like, ‘it’s getting late’ or ‘I am going home’ and so on. The girl at the party who says any of the taboo words would have to do a dare or punishment.


I know I know it sounds really really amazing and trusts me you will going to have unforgettable fun experience in reality. So without wasting any time just start planning for your bestie, you never know when she is going to have her special day dates. Also, check out

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Make Your BFF’s Bachelorette EPIC With These Fun Games!

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