Reasons Why You Should Avoid Sugary Drinks!

Who doesn’t loves sipping on ice cold soda or packed fruit juice on a hot summer day? Everybody. It feels relaxed, cool and refreshing. Though the taste of most of these drinks might be lip smacking, the real dangers of consuming these sugary drinks are never talked about. Yes! Drinks that are high in sugar content aren’t the best bet when it comes to our health. Because health is wealth that’s why I have listed down six reasons why you should stop consuming sugary sodas right now.


  1. It leads to weight gain.

This one seems quite obvious and you may not realize that you increase your calorie intake with every sip of soda you take. It’s extra calories and zero nutritional value increases your blood sugar levels too. And all this eventually has a drastic effect on your waistline and overall weight.


  1. It slows down your metabolism.

Trying to lose weight but not exceeding even after exercising so much? Your sugary beverage is to be blamed. How? They rip apart your metabolism rate which again leads to obesity and slow weight loss. If you are thinking that you only consume diet cola then let us tell you that it is no different. So, quit the soda habit right away.


  1. It dehydrates you even more.

Aerated and sugary drinks increase your dehydration rather than satisfying your thirst. The sugar and caffeine in it don’t replace any fluid that we lose while sweating. So, one thing that we know is that aerated drinks won’t quench your thirst or rehydrate you as well as a bottle of Active Water. It’s 40% less sugar and added minerals are what makes it as good as water and better in taste. Active Water’s exciting flavors make sure that you always keep yourself hydrated without the guilt of having excess sugar. Isn’t that a great option, girls?


  1. It messes with your brain.

Along with weight gain, the caffeine present in fizzy and sugary beverages increases your alertness by disrupting your sleep pattern. Not enough sleep means triggering various psychological responses, like increased heart rate and high blood pressure. In the long term, drinking a soda can cause brain changes that make you addicted to caffeine.


  1. It is the main reason for yellow teeth and cavities.

One thing every girl boasts about in every selfie is her beautiful smile and white teeth. But did you know your youthful smile won’t last long if you drink sugary beverages? Yes, that is completely true. Drinking soda regularly causes plaque to build up on the teeth and can lead to yellow teeth, cavities, and gum diseases. So, quit all these beverages if you want pearl white teeth.


  1. It increases the risk of diseases like type two diabetes.

Here’s another deal breaker- drinks high in sugar content, like your favorite cola, increases your risk of type 2 diabetes. They quickly spike your sugar levels in the body. So, every sip you take of that icy cold soda, it’s leading you towards many threatening diseases.


Every summer keep cool and be smart by sipping on Active Water. Its fruits infused flavors to keep you hydrated all day long, just like water and its low sugar content makes sure you enjoy your drink guilt free.


Now that’s what we call a real summer companion. How you find this section? Share below your comments. Also, see “Healthy Habits for Healthy Morning”.

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Reasons Why You Should Avoid Sugary Drinks!

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