Want To Lose Weight? Try These Bedtime Hacks for Weight Loss !

Why you sleep too much. Sleeping too much affects your body, make your body non-flexible, stuffed and lazy. Sometimes we find ourselves sleep on the bed but fail to attain that comfortable sleep. No matter how much we work out, sometimes our lifestyle and diet make it hard for us to shed those extra kilos. And weight loss is actually not a busy task. You just have to be self-disciplined, and soon your metabolism will hike up, and losing weight could become easier. Follow these five hacks to lose weight while sleeping.

Sleep in complete darkness

If you get a lot of outdoor lights, consider blackout curtains in your bedroom. Keep your phone away, and make sure to turn off the TV. In complete darkness, your body produces the melatonin hormone makes you feel sleepy and responsible for fat burn.

Have a cup of tea

We are not talking about your favorite masala chai, which is loaded with milk and sugar. Instead, have a cup of green tea or chamomile tea. It has antioxidants and relaxing agents to calm your nerves. It also helps you fall asleep faster while working on reducing the fat around your belly.

Breathe through your nose

You know our breathing is all warped right? Ideally, we are supposed to breathe in through your nose and breathe out through our mouth but we forget to do so. Breathing through your nose will help in increasing the oxygen intake in your body to keep your nerves calm. You need to feel rested to drop weight healthily.

Sleep in a cold room

It is said that turning on an air conditioner, or turning down the heat in winter may help us burn belly fat while we sleep. Cool temperature ultimately enhances the effective calorie burn in the body.

Drink warm milk before bed


There is a reason our mothers forced us to have milk every single night. Milk has a protein called casein micelle which helps to build muscle. It also boosts your metabolism, which means you will end up burning more calories every single day.

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Want To Lose Weight? Try These Bedtime Hacks for Weight Loss !

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